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College of Fine Arts

Backdrop Inventory

Night Sky 6.5x12

Item #SK-23D| Painted Canvas Rolled

Rough Water Scenic (Pair) 14x10

Item #CW-11| Folded Muslin

Atlanta Skyline 10x12

Item #CW-06| Printed Light-weight Fabric Folded

Black-out Drape 15x10

Item #CM-04 | Flat Black Pleated

Gray 10x14

Item #CM-10 | Painted Muslin Folded

Bleach White Drape 24x40

Item #CM-05 | Muslin Folded

Ultimate Blue Drape 8x12

Item #CM-03 | Light Velour Folded

Black-out Drape 20x20

Item #CM-02 | Flat Black Pleated Muslin

Black-out Drape 16x22

Item #CM-01 | Flat Black Non-Pleated

Multi Texture 4.75x7.75

Item #SW-01 | Painted Canvas Rolled

Space Scenic 10x16

Item #SW-02| Painted Canvas Rolled

Graffiti Wall Scenic 10x18

Item #SW-04| Painted Canvas Rolled